Watering Guide for Texas Landscaping

There are many factors which determine the amount of water needed to help plants and lawn thrive. Most need at least 1 inch of water per week in the warm season.

Get a rain gauge which you can place in the ground in areas you plan to water. An empty tuna can also works well. You can measure rain from the sky or output from your sprinkler.

Approximately 1 hour of watering per week with the sprinkler should be 1 inch of water. Of course, you will have to move that sprinkler around the entire area of your garden or lawn to achieve that 1 inch total for each area. When the soil feels “spongy” under your feet you have watered your lawn enough.The best time of day to water is the morning.Try not to water when the sun is burning down on the spot you’re watering. Avoid watering in the evening as it can promote fungus, especially on lawns.

Many plants are lost due to over watering. Lawns also become susceptible to disease from over-watering. Wilted leaves, discoloration or leaf loss could be signs of stress related to over-watering.

As a general rule, let the soil mostly dry out before watering. Just don’t let it get bone-dry for many days in a row.

Plants that need water may get a wilted or dry look. Lawns that need water get crackly underfoot.You can also check the soil with your finger or a trowel to feel if there is any moisture. If the dirt feels dry and crumbly, time to water!

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