Water Feature Landscape Architecture

A Water feature (s) provide a number of landscaping issues with solutions they need in the landscape architecture. It helps to increase the value of your home. When landscaping with water, your choices in all like building materials for plants should undergo careful consideration. The ideal way to landscape when you’re dealing with water features is to use natural ways to control the algae.


Plants that can grow in water need several hours of direct sun each day. Your first priority in landscaping with water is to locate the feature in a place. This is always where your plants can get exposure to sunlight. This is between six and eight hours a day during the summer. At the same time, you want to locate the water feature where it can easily be enjoyed. This is mostly from your patio, deck or bedroom inside the house. This helps offer great views of the garden.


Electrical wiring can play a major role in landscaping with a pond. Your pond may include lighting for nighttime pleasure. It may also include the need electricity to run a fountain or recirculate water. Make sure that you can run the wiring so that it will not be visually intrusive.

Building codes

Research the building codes and regulations of your city before investing the first penny in landscaping with a pond. The local laws can provide you with the depth of a pond, the need for a safety fence and the type of fish that can inhabit the water.


Be realistic when budgeting for a water feature. You also seriously have to consider expanding on your original idea. You may enjoy your landscape so much that you want to make it bigger and more sophisticated. Building a great water feature from scratch is likely to be easier. Even easier than adding other items to increase one’s size later. Another benefit of using such a large water feature is that larger ponds are easier to control. They are easier to control because of their being at the mercy of rising and falling air temperatures to a lesser degree than small ponds.

Function Options

There are several options for adding a water feature to a pond built with either a soft or preformed liner. Give your landscaping area a comprehensive assessment to determine if it is able to withstand the addition of a creek or peat bog. An artificial stream can use recirculating water to continuously supply running water. A peat bog recreates the natural transition environment between wetlands and adjacent drylands. Bog gardens can be built in a plastic tub in the ground that is located on a nearby stream or pond.

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