Texas Lawn Care Tips for Winter

Even if your lawn mower is relegated to the garage and your lawn is sleeping, a few simple steps in winter can guarantee you a perfect grass in the spring and most importantly, save you time on summer maintenance.

1. Mow your lawn as winter approaches

Freshly cut grass blades are more prone to disease when the thermometer falls:

  • Also, the last mowing should do well before the first frost and should be quite high, about 4 – 5 cm.
  • For the same reason, do not mow the lawn after the first frost.

This will make your lawn more resistant to cold and disease. This will help him to start again in the spring. Keeping a certain lawn height helps to develop the roots and thus allows the grass to protect itself from frost.

2. Weed the soil during the winter

To find a perfect grass in the spring, we must continue to weed, even in winter! So the uncontrolled growth of weeds will not smother your turf.

But rest assured, it is paradoxically more straightforward in winter. Indeed, at this time, weeds grow faster than grass. It is therefore much more comfortable to spot them – except of course when the snow covers the garden!

3. Amend the soil during the winter

To prepare your ground, you can also amend it during the winter. But beware, some products must be placed under the ban.

Products to avoid

  • The compost fertilizers are to prevent the winter they will not cause any damage but will be ineffective, the land is not ready to absorb them.
  • Any product containing sodium can, on the other hand, be toxic to your plants and turf.

Magnesium lime

If you want to amend your floor, prefer to use magnesium lime, usable all year round outside hot periods.

For about 20 € the 12 kg, this product brings calcium and magnesium and improves the conditions of development while having a disinfecting action.

Not without risk (protect your hands and respiratory tracts), the lime must be moreover, skilfully dosed:

  • for a light sandy soil, allow 50 g / m², a handle;
  • for free land, plan the double;
  • and finally, for clay soil, prepare 200 g / m², or 4 handles.

Magnesium lime should not be spread more than once every four years. Otherwise, it will upset the balance of your soil composition (it reduces the acidity of the soil for example).

4. Eliminate mosses and aerate grass as spring approaches

We can slightly advance the schedule of work by passing on the lawn an anti-foam product at the end of winter (February-March). Do not forget to remove the dead moss carefully.

Finally, in March, when the grass starts to come out of its winter rest, one can aerate the lawn in depth by passing an aerator, which you can rent for the occasion.

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