Texas Lawn Care Tips for Fall

After the lull in the summer months, it’s time to be pampered for the fall season. Once spoiled, she will be able to face the long winter months that await her! Between weeding, mowing, and dead leaves, here are the different tasks you need to take care of your lawn in the fall.

Scarify the fall lawn

Aeration, Pitchfork

A Lawn Aerating Pitchfork

To be beautiful and healthy, a lawn must be scarified twice a year. That’s in spring, then a second time in autumn.

You should perform scarification 15 days after the use of the antifoam product, with 2 cross passages of the scarifier.

If you don’t do this in the spring, fall is also an excellent time to complete the scarification with a topdressing. You do this together with using potting soil or compost. This operation is particularly under recommendation if you mow regularly your lawn very short.

Fertilize and repair

Lawn, Lawn Fertilizer, Fertlizer Application

Lawn Fertilizer Application

If this has not been done at the end of summer, autumn is also the right time. That’s to renew each year the supply of fertilizer funds.

In September, it is necessary to provide a balanced fertilizer, type NPK 15-15-15. This will promote root growth and the overall health of the lawn for the coming year.

The grass has suffered a lot of games and trampling during the summer. Take advantage of September to renovate the peeled areas. For this purpose we use turfgrass.

Mow the grass and roll the roll

Mowing, Mower

A Lawn Mower

As of September, the grass starts to grow faster, and it is necessary to mow more often:

  • You can, if you wish, lower the cutting height and mow shorter than in summer.
  • However, during the last mowing, it is good to mow quite high (at least 5 cm). This will make your lawn more resistant to diseases and help it to leave faster in the spring.
  • To level the soil and help to tiller the lawn, it is good to roll the grass on the lawn occasionally.

Pick up the dead leaves

fall, fall lawn care, lawn care, autumn lawn care

Packing of Dried Leaves

No need to water in autumn. However, another task takes over: the collection of fallen leaves, whose decomposition promotes the appearance of mosses. To carry out this chore, two tools are available to you:

  • The lawn broom: with its flexible and curved teeth, this rake is very easy to use.
  • The leaf blower: suitable for large lawns, electric or gasoline. The blower allows depending on the model to group the leaves, to suck, or grind.

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