Garden Ideas to Get You Ready for Spring

One of the pleasures of having some space at home is to enjoy! We invite you to discover some spring suggestions and to share your comments, tips, and findings here below, below the article. Other readers will undoubtedly appreciate your recommendations!

To optimize the experience of our development, small or large budget, we must be creative. Usually, when we plan our landscaping, planting, gardening or decorating projects early in the spring, we benefit from them better and longer.

So here are the top 10 spring suggestions from our team.

1) Create Spring Arrangements On the Front

We often forget to rethink our arrangements according to the seasons. Spring is the best time to have fun. You can either use bulbs from your landscaping and transplant them or buy new bulbs and leave them in their containers. Thus, when some flowers start to fade, it will be easy to remove and insert new ones depending on the season.

The important thing is also to choose the right container; this will give all the style to your creation. An old boiler or a sheet basin of our grandmother, several small pots in sandstone, a plastic pot or wood … Everything will depend on what you can reuse or the look you want to give.

Tips: You can go to IKEA to find different styles of pots and even some additional decorative elements like a new carpet, lanterns, a rattan basket to insert (hide) your old pot that does the job very well😉

2) Start a Herbal Corner at Home!

There is nothing like going out to get fresh herbs from the garden when we cook at home. Salads, meats, pasta, all dishes will be tastier thanks to your efforts, and what to say at a glance that will have your corner of herbs with your guests. Why not be creative in your new herbal corner?

And if you do not have a vegetable garden, why not add some vegetables, salad, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries …? The kids will have a lot of fun after school to feast on your new herbal corner.

Our recommendations: We offer the following herbs: Coriander, parsley, chives, rosemary, thyme, savory, sage …

Tips: Find an original way to identify each of your herbs. Make sure the writing does not leave after a good rain or a few days of sunshine. Many say that the details make all the difference, so why not be creative and original in the presentation? It will be good and beautiful in your backyard!

3) Expand Or Start A New Kitchen Garden!

In the spring, this is the perfect time to take a step back and plan our garden. It’s inexpensive, and we can enjoy it all summer long. The advantage of having a plantation early in the season is saving money. Planting seedlings indoors or sowing the seeds directly into the soil will be more economical than buying seedlings that are already a few weeks old.

Do you live in an urban environment? Even on the balcony, in beautiful pots, vegetables grow very well and are worth the small efforts.

Our recommendations: For people who do not have a kitchen garden, instead of returning the land, it is possible to build wooden plantation bins quite easily and fill them with soil. It will be less effort, and it is beautiful!

Tips: Feel free to add compost to your land. Sometimes some municipalities offer free at the beginning of the season. Once finished, you can add mulch or cocoa chips (less acidic to the soil than cedar) to reduce weed growth. You will have a lot less maintenance to do and therefore more fun!

4) Develop A Relaxation Area, Conducive for Chatting…

Sometimes only changing the cushions, adding a rug, a small portable fireplace … can make all the difference. Obviously, it is possible to improve the furniture or to create a new type DIY (Do it yourself).

Our recommendations: We propose you put color in accessories such as cushions, throws, flowerpots. Add seasonal flowers, lighting (the candles are always beautiful).

5) Add Some Lights to Lengthen Your Evening

They create atmosphere, and the visual aspect they provide is still beautiful. They have a unifying effect and set the tone for your memorable evenings.

6) Ignite Your Parties!

Do not worry; it is possible to find an alternative to wood very easily!

Our recommendations: We have a complete article to help you make the right choice of the fireplace (gas, ethanol, wood …)

7) Make a Kitchen Space Outside

One of the greatest pleasures is to set the table outside to receive the people we love. For some, cooking is a necessary evil, for others, it is an art. Between the two, there is us and we like to make us happy. Meat or smoked meat, grilled vegetables, your favorite wine and go for a great evening!

Our recommendations: Add some mood lights, install one or more outdoor outlets, near your kitchen area. A fridge quickly becomes very interesting when we cook outside. It avoids several round-trips indoors. Also have a sound system installed outside, integrated with your layout and oriented so as not to disturb neighbors.

Tip: For an outdoor fridge, it is not necessary to have the most upscale stainless steel, even a more economical model, properly concealed inside a piece of furniture, will do the job very well.

8) Ever Thought About Garbage Cans

It does not have to be complicated, but depending on the style of your layout, it’s easy to find the perfect place to relocate or hide them. Whether it’s a high-end construction, custom-made, or merely a visual screen, you’ll see that this change at a low cost will make all the difference!

9) Add Privacy to Your Land!

It’s easy to add a little privacy and keep prying eyes away by adding a visual screen. They are usually made of wood, dyed, painted, with a lot of complexity or very little. We like to add lighting or plants to integrate them into the environment better.

Our recommendations: Do business with a carpenter if you want to have a more elaborate style and arranged to your decor. Otherwise, it will be easy to juxtapose some boards on a structure and put the colors of your choice.

10) It’s Time to Remake Your Patio

There is no better way to enjoy the backyard than to start the project early in the season. If you are a handyman, you can obviously offer this wonderful project. But if you do not have the time and you want it done quickly, it is better to let a team of professionals take care of your development project.

Our recommendations: For a project realized early in the season, you will have to reserve in the winter your landscaper. You will have the time to plan your project, to receive the plans and to see the budgets so as not to have unpleasant surprises. If you wait in the spring to do your research, your project will undoubtedly have to wait, given the high demand at this time of the year.


These 10 planning tips are realized throughout the summer of course. The decorations for the entrance of the house can be done at Easter, in anticipation of the summer, in the fall for Halloween… All parties are an opportunity to make your home inviting. Why not try a home theater during the hot season? Nothing more than a projector, a white sheet, some warm blankets and popcorn for a perfect evening!

If you have other exciting ideas, original suggestions of decoration, layout, do not hesitate to tell us, they will undoubtedly inspire other readers.

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