Simple Lawn Mowing Tips

mowing sodJust like everything in life, it takes some work to do things the right way.  Lawn mowing is no different and can be simplified by following a few easy and simple lawn mowing tips. You too can have a well mowed and sharp looking lawn.

Simple Lawn Mowing Tips

  1. Time mowings. So you’re never removing more than one-third of the total leaf surface (of a single grass blade) with each cutting.
  2. Cutting too short. – Adjust your mower height accordingly. A scalped lawn is vulnerable to diseases and weed infestation. Scalped turf tends to be weak and sparse, which exposes soil. Contributors to weed success in exposed soil that allows weed seed to take root.
  3. Sharpen your blades. A sharp blade cuts grass cleanly, while a dull blade tears grass, creating a jagged, uneven edge. These tears create openings for pests and diseases to enter grass blades.
  4. Shaded Areas Need longer Grass.  Mowing your shaded areas at a taller setting. The grass has more exposure to sunlight allowing its growth in the shaded areas.
  5. Avoid Mowing Wet Lawns. Mowing a wet lawn doesn’t harm the grass, Wet grass fills and clogs a mower deck. It also has a tendency to fall over and clump together as you mow, creating an uneven cut. Watch for clumps of wet grass that fall off the mower. Remove these from the lawn after mowing to avoid killing grass. Always avoid mowing in soggy soil, or you risk creating wheel ruts and tearing up grass. New mow wet grass with an electric mower.
  6. Clean Up. Using your grass clipping for compost promotes a cleaner environment for you entire landscape.  Your garden beds will love the fresh compost.
  7. Mow along borders and create patterns. Create a flat lawn and path edging beside driveways, walks and planting areas. When mowing, roll a wheel of the mower on this edging, and you’ll never have to string trim edges. Avoid mowing in the same direction or pattern each time you mow. When you do this, you risk compacting soil and actually creating ruts.

To Summarize!

Mowing does seem simple enough, however each time you cut your grass you’re opening the way for your lawn’s success or failure. Mow correctly, and you’ll groom turf that’s healthy, drought-tolerant and thick enough to crowd out weeds.  If you can’t handle the stress of lawn mowing, then let the professionals at Plano-Landscaping help.  Call for a free estimate.

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