Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas

Sidewalk landscaping as well as pathway landscaping can define the different areas of your landscape while also connecting and unifying them. Often at times the sidewalk will be least landscaped part of your yard.  The traffic and multitude of people and animals along the sidewalk can deter the design and maintenance for you yard. Here a few simple themes and ideas to try.


Mixing It Up

Instead of landscaping one long strip that runs along the front of your house why not redesign it as separate segments? You can transform the strip into individual garden plots integrating the existing trees with ornamental plants and grasses while providing easy street access with pavers for visitors.

sidewalk-variety-samplSidewalk Sampler

If there are no major HOA restrictions on landscaping your street strip, why not be creative? This design features a colorful, eye-pleasing mixture of river rocks, mulch and ornamental grasses and plants for maximum curb appeal.

Focus on the Mailbox

mailboxThe mailbox area is usually the most neglected part of the yard but it could be your opportunity to create some landscaping magic. Consider this bright, welcoming array of purple flowering plants, light green ground covers and flat stonework to bring color
to your path edging.

Dry Creek Look

If you don’t want to deal with grass or prefer zero maintenance for your sidewalk strip, consider an attractive alternative like this natural landscape of river rocks, stones and pebbles.
you might want to

For Warmer Climates

If you live in southern California or Arizona you can get creative in your sidewalk space with a mixture of flowers, edible plants and ornamental grasses. These plants  look beautiful year round.

Curbside Appeal

A simple combination of rocks for elevating the flowering plants and adding ornamental grasses, as well as mulch can turn your sidewalk area from bland to beautiful.

Privacy Guards

Privacy is preferred by a homeowner, utilizing plants to create a privacy wall around their housecreative possibilities for their strip along the street.  Create a varied and unique border mixing ornamental shrubs, bottle hollies and other drought tolerant specimens. brush trees.
and front are

Your sidewalk is part of your homes’ landscape and you should take the time to keep that part of your constant with the rest of your landscape. Plano Landscaping is always available to assist with your landscaping needs. Call now for a free consultation.



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