Pre-emergent weed killer

weed killer fertilizerPre-emergent weed killers are mainly applied for weed control. Pre-emergent herbicides are utilized during lawn fertilization in the spring. They then fall over to hinder the germination of weed among seeds without having any adverse effect on the plants. It is advisable to apply pre-emergent herbicides to 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit atmospheric temperature consecutively for four days.

How to apply

The pre-emergent herbicides which are often utilized in residential mixtures mostly come in a granulated form, and they are mostly mixed with fertilizers. You can easily apply them while performing lawn fertilization. The lawn fertilizer should be mixed thoroughly with the pre-emergent weed killer.

For effectiveness in using your weed killer, the timing is a vital and crucial factor. You need to be strategic in timing your application of the weed killer so you can have absolute control over the weeds before they surface on the soil. The use of a broadcast spreader will aid effective application of the pre-emergent weed killer.

Tips on effective application
Sometimes, you might have the feeling that pre emergent weed killers are not effective against grown weeds. An effective way of controlling existing weeds is to either uproot the weed. You can utilize the use of a hand-held spreader since the common type of pre-emergent weed killers is the granular products. With this, the use of a hand-held spreader will be efficient in applying the weed killer yourself as it will release the weed killer evenly as you rotate the crank. In case you are using a large lawn, utilizing a push-type lawn spreader will be more efficient.

Some other types of pre-emergent weed controller can be in the liquid form. They might be ready to use, or you attach them to your hose or mix them in your personal sprayer and more efficient for large area application. They are cheap and are easy to get. For effective weed control, ensure you mix the pre-emergent weed killer well so that they can get into the top layer of the soil.

Benefits of the applying of pre-emergent weed killers

Below are some benefits you tend to gain in the application of pre-emergent weed killers:
•    They eliminate weeds permanently
When a pre-emergent weed killer gets into the top layer of the soil where the weeds spring out, it hinders the growth of the weed and kills it finally. The pre-emergent weed killer can remain active in the soil for a long time, depending on the concentration of the weed killer.

•    Less labor is required
The granular product of the pre-emergent weed killer is activated by just adding water to the weed killer. You need to add enough water that can sink well into the ground for efficient use and keep it for few days before application. It requires less effort and energy. The application of pre-emergent weed killers doesn’t take time, and it is economical.

In which ever method you want to utilize in the implementation of pre-emergent weed killers, always make use of a hand glove and take advantage of large card boards in demarcating places you will be planting very soon. This will help in preventing splashing of the weed killers on the ground surface.

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