Planting Wildflower Seeds in the Fall

planting seeds While you may think that springtime is the best time to plant seeds for a wildflower meadow, you might be surprised to learn that autumn is really the natural time for seed planting. Think about it! Mother Nature does all of her planting in the fall.

Autumn is the time when flowers naturally drop their seeds into the soil to be covered by fallen leaves that protect them from the cold until spring. When you plant your wildflower meadow in the fall, you can expect early spring flowers. The reason for this is that your wildflower seed has had a chance to prepare and ready itself throughout the winter.

If you’ve been thinking of creating a wildflower meadow in your yard, autumn is naturally the best time to do it. The weather is cool and comfortable, grass and other groundcovers are naturally dying back and working outside is more pleasant and easier than in spring or summer.

Another good reason to plant in the fall is that you will have more time. The weather is fairly predictable, and your other garden chores will have been done. Additionally, any weed seed that may be in your proposed wildflower meadow area should be dormant during the fall. When you clear your site for planting, you will be able to easily remove these weed seeds and replace them with your wildflower seed.

Sod Installation

Here are the steps you should take sow wildflower seeds in the fall:

1. Choose an area that has good drainage and ample sun exposure. It’s a bonus if the soil is not too fertile; otherwise, you will have to remove a layer of topsoil to get to the less fertile soil.

2. Use a Rototiller or a shovel and hoe to remove existing growth.

3. Mix your wildflower seed with builders sand and strew it evenly over the area.

4. Press the seeds into the soil by walking over the area gently or using a roller.

5. Strew a light layer of mulched leaves over the area to protect the seeds.

6. Water lightly.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to get a beautiful wildflower meadow started in the fall. Very early in the spring, your seeds will begin to sprout. By midsummer you will have a bounteous array of gorgeous wildflowers attracting butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and other beneficial wildlife.

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