Pergola Ideas For Patios

Pergola-longIf you have a tiny patio and yard area, there’s a good chance your patio is the only outdoor space you have to work with, however a pergola allows you to accommodate all of the items you want. Such as having an outdoor sitting area, grill, bench, trellis, bar, or planting boxes. These simple Pergola Ideas For Patios should provide inspiration for selecting, or build the pergola for you!

Pergolas For Small Patios

You’ll have lots of choices when it comes to the actual design of your pergola. These are a few ideas for what type of pergola to build and how to position it in relation to your home:

  1. The long, narrow pergola –  This style of pergola runs the length of the patio, directly abutting your home to create a lovely sitting area. It’s a more open, airy version of a farmer’s porch…sans the porch! If you choose to train ivy to climb atop the roof trusses, you can also create a pergola that serves a function similar to an awning or overhang. Small spaces are best served by structures that serve a dual purpose, such as elevated flower pots.
  2. Structure Placement – Another style of pergola is one that’s connected to another structure, such as a house, bench, fence, railing, or archways.  Pergola -Single BeamYou may opt to connect your pergola to other nearby structures if they’re similar in terms of style. Just be sure that by connecting the structures, you don’t make foot traffic more difficult.
  3. Grilling Area and Kitchen – You can place the pergola over your sitting area, adjacent to your grilling area.  Avoid placing the grill under the pergola or any other wooden structure. You may opt to build an outdoor bar that spans one side of the pergola. Then, on the opposite side of the bar (just outside the pergola), build a counter top where you can prepare food and drinks.

Decorative  Pergola Ideas

Wen you’re working limited space, adding decorative elements to your pergola can be a challenge. You don’t want to create a space that feels cluttered. There are pergola ideas for patios that will make your structure look beautiful without the clutter.

  • Decorative Hardware – Using decorative hardware allows you to add decorative elements without taking up loads of extra space. Decorative hardware can take many forms, including styled post-to-beam supports, rafter clips and ornamental wood ties. Ornamental inserts can also be added to a nearby fence or gate to add an element of continuity to the area.
  • Pergola-plantsPlants can also bring your pergola to life. Plants are a great idea for creating shade in your pergola as well as a space that feels more in tune with nature. You can integrate plants by training ivy to grow up a trellis and onto the roof trusses or you can install plant hooks for hanging plants. While your ivy grows from the ground up, your hanging plants will grow from the top down. This is a great way to create a defined “wall” for your space, without making it seem small or boxy.
  • Lighting – Lighting is always a great way to decorate because it can change the whole feel of the area. String lights draped across the rafters of the pergola or twined up the pergola’s posts are always beautiful. You can also use cloth lantern string lights, bulb string lights, and micro LED copper string lights.

In Conclusion

A  pergola gives a small patio landscape a large feel.  Pergola ideas for patios and small yard landscaping provide great ways to frame a view, by using shrubs, small trees, or garden art. For large scale landscaping projects, you contact Plano Landscaping for a free estimate.

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