Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

Whether you choose to maintain it yourself or hire professional landscapers, having a low maintenance front yard is one of the goals of many homeowners. Your yard can actually look good all year round with just the minimum of front yard landscaping, even if you hire a professional to do it. Be sure to let your landscaper know that you want the minimum of upkeep, but still expect a great looking outdoor space.

A lot of time spent on maintenance can be eliminated if you don’t have a lot of grass in your front yard. Keeping the area of grass as small as possible can help to save valuable time and energy on mowing the lawn which can be more time consuming than you might think. Your front yard can still look great even if you don’t have a lot of lawn and your front yard landscaping expert can provide you with some suggestions.

You won’t need to spend a lot of time having to mow a clover lawn, and for that reason, a lot of homeowners choose this type of lawn for their front yard. Clover lawns look good and also have the big advantage that they look good in just about any climate or area of the country, even if you live somewhere where droughts are common. Bugs don’t like clover lawns too, so laying down one of these can help to keep those annoying bugs away.

One of the best steps you can take if your goal is to reduce the amount of time you spend in your front yard is to incorporate an automatic sprinkler system into the landscape design. This can save you a lot of time that might otherwise be spent watering all those plants. Connecting the sprinkler or dragging the hose out of the shed during the summer can be tedious as well as time consuming, making the advantages of a built in irrigation system seem quite appealing.

It is possible to purchase a kit and install one of these systems yourself, although unless you know what you are doing, hiring a professional landscaper is highly recommended. These systems can rot or cause flooding if they aren’t installed safely and correctly, and to avoid that potentially costly damage, it makes a lot more sense to use the services of a professional landscaper. It isn’t worth saving money on doing something yourself unless you are an expert, only to have the installation then cause a lot of unsightly and costly damage to your front yard.

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