Do Not Let Sod Dry Out.

Maintaining new sod is not hard.  It does require consistency.  The sod must be kept moist for the first two weeks, whether it is waiting to be installed, laid down or already completed. Sod dries out quickly and dies, so don’t waste money by allowing sod to die before the root system becomes established. Do not allow water to pool on the new sod. If this occurs, reduce watering. Avoid watering at night.

After mowing don’t use a lawn rake, which will pull up the loosely held sod. Use a grass catcher to keep clippings off the new sod.

Don’t Use the Lawn

off the graasStay off the newly sodded area for three weeks to allow good establishment. This prohibition includes keeping children and pets, especially large dogs, off the lawn so that the turf stays even and level.

When to fertilize new sod?

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