Landscape Border Design Ideas

Landscape borders keep your garden, yard and flower beds neat and neat looking by setting edges and keeping mulch, dirt and grass in order. Different choices of materials at the landscape border lend a different look and functionality to your landscaping, so choosing the border is crucial to creating the yard you desire.


Plastic landscape edging is an inexpensive and popular choice. It can be installed flush with the ground so that it is unobtrusive but still retains the defined cutting edge. It works well between the lawn and a bed of flowers or a bark area. The plastic is light and easy to work with and can last for years, but it is as aesthetic as other border landscape ideas.


Peter adds charm and character to a yard or garden, but it can be hard to work with because it is heavy. It can also be a more expensive option unless you are able to collect the rock yourself. Rock work is very effective at separating sections of landscaping, especially if it involves several heights. It can last a very long time with little or no maintenance when installed correctly.


Brick is a versatile landscape border idea. Just try to arrange a single layer of bricks around a flower bed or path, or stack a few high layers to create a larger barrier. Reusing old bricks gives a rustic charm to the landscaping and saves you money. The brick is also sturdy and durable.


Wood landscape border is a natural choice that can also be very creative. Wooden borders can vary from a very simple border board to sections of wood like bamboo arranged as a low fence picket type. Railway ties can make a heavy boundary or retaining wall for garden plots or flower beds. Cedar resists rot naturally, but can be expensive, so you can opt for less expensive pressure treated wood products if you are on the budget but want the look of wood. Pressure treated wood is not suitable as a border for a vegetable garden.


Metal is a reasonable choice if you are concerned with durability because it lasts a very long time. Aluminum and steel piping is available in flexible lengths that the installation is perfect to your taste. It makes good tree rings and can be installed flush to be discreet. Painted metal helps stave off corrosion and rust.

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