How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Fallen Tree?

removing fallen treeDo you want to know about cost to cut trees? Do you want to get your trees pruned by a professional tree remover and wish to get an insight into prices? In this article, I shall discuss the cost of cutting trees and removing trees.

The average cost for removing a tree in America varies $75 to $1500. There are a lot of factors which determine the value. The national average for cutting a tree is $651. These four factors are the significant indicators of the prices.

  • The size and height of your tree
  • What type of tree is it?
  • How much is its diameter?
  • Where is it located?

It is a fact that cannot be denied that trees enhance the beauty of your house and are a gift of nature. But you have to cut them down due to different reasons.

The cost depends on the size, condition, complexity, and location of your tree. It may not be determined without keeping in views the entire situation. Therefore price may be different from tree to tree and location to location. You have to buy various types of equipment to cut a tree.

You need to have the best homeowner chainsaws models cut your trees.

The average tree removal

If you want bulk tree removal, you will have to pay from $400 to $2000. The height of your tree may affect the cost of tree removal. The kind of tree and its diameter are other things you keep in mind.

An important factor is whether your tree is already fallen are not. Location of your tree is another thing that you need to consider while determining the average cost. It will surely have an impact on price.

When cutting trees prepare for the fall.  Make sure you are cutting at an angle that the tree will fall away from anything that can be damaged like your home or sidewalk garden area.

Small trees

You can cut your small tree from $400 t0 $500. As you know the average height of a small tree is 35 feet, so their removal is somewhat easy than higher trees. If it is transplanted, then it will cost more. The direction to face is another thing to consider. Digging a hole in advance may save your money. You will have to call the utility company to see whether there are plumbing lines or electricity before you start the process.

Large trees

You will have to spend more than $1000 to remove more giant trees. The height that lies over 70 feet require more expertise to cut it down. You cut down more giant trees due to different reasons. These reasons include disease, storm damage and nearness to electric or plumbing installations. The arborists first cut down the branches and then remove the trees.

Palm trees

If the height of your palm tree is up to 30 meters, you have to pay approximately $250 to cut it down. If it is higher, you need to pay more. Palm trees are challenging to cut down. You will have to rope them down instead of merely removal. The taller palm trees become problematic and may be dangerous for your neighborhood.

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