Put An End To Yard Urine Damage With A Dog Fire Hydrant

dog urine damage yardCreating an attractive outdoor space is always a worthwhile endeavor. However keeping it in tip-top shape can sometimes be a challenge. This is particularly true for dog owners and especially for those who own a male canine. The damage their urine can cause can be both expensive and unsightly. A simple way to help keep this behavior under control is by using a dog fire hydrant to create a new bathroom space. Here’s what you’ll need to know.    

Typical Yard Damage

There are many different ways dogs can destroy your picturesque lawn or patio space, but their urine is easily one of the most damaging.  Its high nitrogen content scalds grass causing brown spots that can be a major pain to fix. But urine can also cause damage to, and even kill ornamental shrubs and garden flowers along with other vertical targets as they mark their territory.  And when it soaks into concrete the results is a persistent stench.

Don’t Try To Stop The Behavior

Both peeing and marking are natural and necessary behaviors. Instead of trying to stop them, a much smarter way to go is to train your pet to urinate on an item that is appealing to his needs. That’s where a fire hydrant for dogs comes in. It functions as pee post that can be used to divert your dog’s behaviors into a specific area where it won’t cause any problems.

Where To Place Your Doggie Hydrant

You will want to choose an area to place your pooch’s hydrant carefully. It should be in a spot that has good drainage. This will help to prevent any future messes particularly if it were to rain excessively. Placing it in an area that is not directly on your lawn will also help to prevent any potential nitrogen burns on the grass. You’ll also want to make sure that the hydrant isn’t put near any important low-lying plants which could be damaged as well.   

Deciding On A Hydrant For Your Yard

Luckily while dogs do love to pee on hydrants (as you’ve most likely seen in any city) they aren’t picky when it comes to the specifics. So picking a hydrant for your yard will really come down to your own personal preferences. Dog fire hydrants come in a range of colors and also sizes to suit everything from extra small dog breeds to the giant ones and everything in-between. When it comes to material the most common options are typically metal, resin, and plastic.

Encouraging Your Pooch

Since they will want naturally want to mark their territory, most male pets will take to peeing on a faux hydrant very quickly, and even right away without any actual training. And once they have marked it with their urine already, they will come back to do it again regularly. Some pets may be hesitant to urinate on a new surface. If this turns out to be the case giving your dog positive praise and treats the first few times he pees on the hydrant will help.

Lawn, garden, and property damage can be a very real problem for male canine owners. However by placing a dog fire hydrant potty in a strategically chosen spot you can you can cut down on potential damage dramatically while keeping your pet happy and even adding a bit of character to your yard. 

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