DIY Garden Ideas On Budget

A zero budget does not mean zero ideas. Here’s how some plano-landscapers have embellished their everyday life in the garden with recycled materials and designs of genius. Most of these do it yourself are achievable with conventional tooling for regular DIYers. If you are not equipped but like the concept of second life objects, maybe it is an excellent motivation to begin to equip you. You will probably find pleasure in this new hobby. And at Houzz, we hope you will share your ideas for deco recovery.

1. A palisade

Here is an original way to define its dining area in the garden. The paneling, painted in almond green, was enhanced with a patchwork of openwork planks. However, do not discard the pieces of cleats from your various crafts or door frames that you have disassembled!

These ancient louvers and exotic moucharabiehs find here another usefulness by paling the wall so that plants climb there. The brick wall, formerly naked, immediately has a green taste elsewhere.

2. Light!

This is perhaps the only one of these achievements for which a special tool is needed – a glazier wheel, less than 10 euros – to make the beautiful lampshades of this original diable suspension.

Another idea of festive lighting, lanterns made in a tin can. Drill them with big drills or a metal drill bit. Put at the bottom a tealight candle or small wireless LED spot that lights up with a pressure (about 2 euros).

3. A green wall

Planters that brighten this brick wall are old zinc gutters. Privilege as here a hanging staggered at equal heights and also pierce them in the background from afar, like flower pots.

Love this other amusing idea of a cans eater to vegetate a piece of wall. A firewall serves as a support for many small cans welcoming cute succulent. An excellent workshop to do with children who will eventually paint each can of a different color.

4. A bogus decor

The first who says that an old can is useless in the garden is wrong! Cut in half; it serves as a brazier or barbecue and even container for burning leaves (regulated use at certain times and seasons). Attention, this is still craft and dangerous enough for children.

Here is a much more refined way to reuse old cans. If you have more than one, why not make a kitchen garden in circles instead of squares like everyone else?

Even used painted paint cans in bright colors can be reused in the garden in vases or flowerpots. For a themed evening on the theme of recovery, or perhaps to take care of children on a rainy afternoon?

5. Children’s games

You also need a child-friendly garden. An old tire and old PVC pipes make up this home-made and bombastic zebra. Do not skimp on the anchoring of this structure so that it is without any danger for the little ones who will undoubtedly drag this animal in crazy cavalcades.

For dad patient and very handyman who has kept his child’s soul, there is also a realization of longer breath, made entirely of recycled materials. I bet that the investment will be up to the smile of the child who will discover what his dad did for him.

6. Decorative elements

This terrace seems warm thanks to the two giant paintings that frame it and give it the appearance of a dining room.
The first is none other than a framed synthetic grass. He mimics a plant wall for a much smaller budget! The second accumulates pieces of cleats of different heights. You will need patience, but the effect is up to the job.

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