Elegant new villa with backyard

Increasing Home Value With Landscaping

Judging a Book By Its Cover Ideally the time to get started cleaning up your yard is about a month before you plan on showing your house. That should give you enough time to get everything looking just right and not leave the impression that you simply waited until the last minute to put things

03 Jun 2017

Edible Landscaping Design

What is Edible Landscaping? Edible landscaping design is the integration of food plants within an ornamental or decorative plants to create a landscape. The same design principles as for ornamental landscapes are used, while substituting edible plants such as lettuces, blueberries, vegetables and fruit trees for some of the otherwise unproductive plant material. Using edibles

29 Apr 2017

Native Landscaping Plants of Texas

Everything is Bigger in Texas The list of native Texas landscaping plants is immense and here a few that would be a welcomed addition to any landscape. Texas Landscaping Plants Wax Murtle The glossy, olive-green, aromatic foliage is reminiscent of bayberry candles. Clusters of waxy, bluish gray berries persist through winter. Has attractive bark and tends

07 Apr 2017

Ten Annuals to Grow This Summer

A Few Suggestions for Summer Blooms Zinnias – Texas Superstar Plant Impatiens Geraniums Marigold Petunia – Texas Superstar Plant Sunflowers Sweet Pea Asters Morning Glory Cosmos – More Info about Cosmos Landscaping Professional Service is available.  Click here for more information.  

23 Mar 2017

Beautiful Backyard Patios

Your Patio is Your Sanctuary Everyone needs a solitary spot for sharing quiet conversation with a friend or kicking back with a good book. A few cushy chairs and a table for resting drinks and books is all that is required to create a purposeful patio. But, when you arrange those things in a lushly planted

17 Mar 2017

Choosing The Best Low Light House Plants

Low Light House Plants It is general knowledge that photosynthesis which is required for plants growth. However there are situations when one desires to grow plants indoors in offices or at home. Low light house plant becomes the ideal choice in such scenario because they grow without sunlight requiring only bright indirect light. Recognition and

27 Feb 2017
plant fertilizer

Pre-emergent weed killer

Pre-emergent weed killers are mainly applied for weed control. Pre-emergent herbicides are utilized during lawn fertilization in the spring. They then fall over to hinder the germination of weed among seeds without having any adverse effect on the plants. It is advisable to apply pre-emergent herbicides to 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit atmospheric temperature consecutively for four

31 Jan 2017

Planting Wildflower Seeds in the Fall

While you may think that springtime is the best time to plant seeds for a wildflower meadow, you might be surprised to learn that autumn is really the natural time for seed planting. Think about it! Mother Nature does all of her planting in the fall. Autumn is the time when flowers naturally drop their

10 Nov 2015

How to Fix Dead Spots in Grass

  With today’s climate conditions, lawn care is becoming more and more challenging, and dead spots in grass are more common than ever before. Creating your own compost and setting up a regular schedule of re-seeding can help you combat this problem. Here’s how! 1. Establish the good habit of composting. Instead of sending your

01 Sep 2015

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Make an outstanding first impression and your guests will feel welcomed and amazed at the same time. Check out these modern front yard landscaping ideas for more inspiration. There’s something very attractive and beautiful about arches and I’m sure all your guests would find the idea wonderful. Try integrating the arch into the design of

04 Mar 2015